Saylor Fence Contractors

Frequently Asked Questions


Understanding your needs, its what’s important to us. Do you require privacy or safety around a pool? Do you want to retain your pets or prevent access to your property? Or are you interested in curb appeal? We are pleased to discuss your needs and explain the advantages of various materials.

Do You Install All Types Of Fence?

We install residential and commercial fences of all types.

Swimming Pools

Depending on the city, a 4 foot high fence or higher is required around a swimming pool. Hedges, an existing 3 foot high fence, or a removable baby fence as a barrier is not accepted in Broward County.


There is never a charge for our estimates.

Building Codes

The building rules and regulations vary from city to city. There are also county regulations and subdivision rules. It’s a good idea to check with your local building department and Home Owners Association regarding, codes, setbacks, heights and materials. Most of the time we will be able to help you with these questions.

Samples & Brochures

Any legitimate company should present product details, brochures and samples. In addition they should have pictures of work installed by them.


We can obtain the permit for you. This is because we are licensed and insured. Beware of contractors telling you to get the permit! They may not be licensed or possibly have had problems with work in your area and the city will not allow them to secure a permit.

What Do I Need To Obtain A Permit?

A full size copy of your survey and the Home Owners Association approval, if you have one. Each city has different paperwork that we supply to you. We submit the permit to the city.

How Long Does The Permit Take?

The golden question!! Every city’s processing time is different. The permit has to go through the zoning, engineering, and structural department. If one of those departments has a question or concern that needs to be addressed, it effects the processing time. A typical residential permit (with no additional information requested by the city) can take 2-3 weeks.

What Happens When The Permit Is Approved?

First, we call you and let you know your permit is ready. Then we have your ground marked. This is called a locate ticket and notifies FPL, ATT, Comcast, etc. They go to your property and mark the ground. They will use washable paint. This usually takes 2-3 days. Then we schedule your installation.

Do I Need A Permit?

Not in all cases. Every city has different rules. In most cases we can help you with this decision.

How Long Does The Installation Take?

We start your job and finish it. We do not start other jobs and leave your property half completed. A usual installation of 100 feet of residential wood, chain link, aluminum, or pvc, should take only 2-3 days, weather permitting.


Once the job has been completed to your satisfaction, we ask the city to inspect our work. We will leave some documents on the fence for the inspector. Please do not remove them. You must also leave the inspector access to your property. Some cities require two inspections. We take care of this for you at no additional charge.

Ask For References

A well established, reputable contractor should be able to provide you with local addresses where they have performed work. Visit the sight and check the material and installation quality.


We strongly suggest that you check the license status of any contractor that you deal with. We also recommend checking for complaints and the status of county licenses: The Broward County Licensing Bureau – 954 765-4400.