Saylor Fence Contractors

We offer a wide range of aluminum fence options to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our most popular aluminum fences include:

Classic Picket Aluminum Fence

Combining elegance and security, this design features evenly spaced vertical pickets, creating a sophisticated look while maintaining an open feel.

Ornamental Spear Top Aluminum Fence

The decorative spear-shaped finials add a touch of sophistication to the traditional picket style.

Privacy Louvered Aluminum Fence

The louvered design allows for airflow while effectively blocking unwanted views, making it an ideal choice for residential spaces.

Industrial-Grade Security Aluminum Fence

Robust construction and a no-nonsense design provide a formidable barrier.
Aluminum fences have several advantages over other types of fences. They are lightweight, making them easy to install and relocate if needed. They are also corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for areas with high humidity or exposure to salty air. Additionally, aluminum fences require minimal maintenance, saving both time and money in the long run.